Welcome to Bronte!

Hazzah! The Attic Network has moved again, having such a minimal site at the moment has made it quite easy! We have now moved to a new VPS in the Cloud (don’t you just love it *makes gaging noises*) Hopefully no one would have noticed the move – we tried to keep it as smooth …

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Looking Glass

So, ive been on holidays for the last week and was looking for something to do. I have always found looking glasses helpfull. Im talking looking glasses that show routes, allow pings from locations other than your local computer. They can be essential in diagnoising problems that occur with networks. I wanted to write one …

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PECL and dio

How i loathe PECL – At first, simple plain straight out hate. after 12 hours, it was loathe (with some time to sleep hahaha) So, the aim was to install the dio extension to php 5.2 – PHP installed via repo. Base server is a CentOS x64 server, PHP installed from the utter ramblings repo …

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Welcome to Malibu!

So, in the last post, i was playing around with wordpress, seeting if it would do what I wanted….. Well, it could, so, now its been moved to my live web server (Malibu) from the test server (Newport) yahy! So, im slowly learning my way around blogging, always known the theory, never really needed to …

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First post

Ok, so woo for starters……. Well, not really, this is just another blog of some random guy about random stuff wow, isnt that exciting? what? what can i say that hasnt been said before! Ill post more later 😛