Looking Glass

So, ive been on holidays for the last week and was looking for something to do.

I have always found looking glasses helpfull. Im talking looking glasses that show routes, allow pings from locations other than your local computer. They can be essential in diagnoising problems that occur with networks.

I wanted to write one that i could run at home on a simple PHP based web server, but looking around on the internet i could only find ones that allowed connections to routers (which is generally how looking glasses work) and i would love to do that, but i dont really run a router at home, i have my PIX 515e firewall which is my router, but it doesn’t support some of the route functions usually found in a looking glass as i dont use those route functions.

So i started to look at writing a simple PHP script that could do some basic functions that you would need remotely:

  • Host lookup
  • Ping test
  • Traceroute

Then i thought, lets add some other information which maybe might be helpful

  • WHOIS information
  • GeoIP information

So i wrote the page!

I based it loosely off some original code by codewizard which can be found at http://www.daniweb.com/code/snippet216505.html

You can use my script at www.theatticnetwork.net/lg or you can grab a copy for yourself over at the projects section of the site: projects.theatticnetwork.net – feel free to tweak to your own needs 🙂

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