Welcome to Whale!

Hazzah! Another post, another server…… even if it is 6 months later.

I was given a nice upgrade to a new server – Poweredge 2950 – not bad given that we were on a Poweredge 860. We dont need the processing power, but hey, its nice to have!

So this one is called Whale. Its nothing fancy, same as the old server really (i copied the configs hehehehe)

The last few months have been hectic, the division of the company i work for was sold, and its been a busy few months setting it all up again with new systems. Its coming to an end now, so i can start blogging about my experiences. One of the biggest one is OpenNMS – a fantastic monitoring system which i plan on writing more about.

Enough for one night, be sure to check back soon……if anyone reads this….. 🙂

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