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Another random blog, on another random site that is found somewhere on the internet…. you could run a traceroute to the URL and see exactly WHERE on the internet it is 🙂

So, this blog is written by Alek – I am someone who has been working with computers since high school – and I don’t mean playing games.

Since 2005 I have been working in I.T starting with my high school network, the turning point was 2006 when I decided its what I wanted to do as a job. By the end of 2006 I was managing the school network of 350 PC’s. By 2008 I decided I was more interested in web based technologies, but loved playing with hardware more than software. I custom wrote a ticketing system to manage cases around the school along with a few other odds and ends. This sparked the interest of the wider school district which went on to roll them out to other schools.

This then sparked an interest in moving bigger. I went on to serve as Jnr Systems Admin, Systems Admin, Snr. Systems Admin, Operations Manager, Technical Manager and eventually CTO for one of Australias biggest Dedicated and Colo providers before it was acquired.
Post acquisition, I went on to serve as Infrastructure Manager for Australias largest provider of Dedicated, Colocation and Virtualised Solutions to clients on various scales of complexity and size.

In 2019, after 9 long years in the Dedicated Hosting space, I took on new challenges in a new role. Serving as Infrastructure Team Lead for hosted desktops and managed services. 

Outside of my busy work life, I do enjoy photography, I would classify myself as a hobbiest photographer, not that good but not that bad. You will probably find me somewhere near the coast as I love the beach and spend as much time there as I can.

What’s with the name?

When I was first starting to be interested in networks, I needed a name. The only space we had at home spare (without crowding my bedroom, which was already full!) was our attic room which I converted into a little computer lab. Thus the name: The Attic Network was born.

Since then, I have just kept the domain, most of my test gear is still up there, just all remote accessible now 🙂

Feel free to get in touch and leave a comment below, email me or get in touch on Linked In. You can also find more ways to contact me here.


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  1. Hi,

    I found your blog on migrating OnApp to VMware very useful.

    I’d like to buy you a beer!


    1. Thanks Mike! Glad to see it helped someone

        • Seha on 02/01/2015 at 9:48 PM
        • Reply

        Hi, I found for the same reason!

        Thank you so much

    • Ryan on 04/12/2016 at 4:02 PM
    • Reply

    I followed the same tutorial as you did for setting up a diskless linux system.

    I found that after booting to the OS, you cannot load any modules using modprobe. How did you get around that?

    1. Hey Ryan,

      I don’t think I needed to load any modules with modprobe. Are you getting any errors?
      It should just work, but if SELinux is enabled, it’s possible that you may be blocked because it is on NFS.

      If you solve it, let us know!

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