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NSX-t Uplink profiles and TEP subnets

NSX-t Logo. All rights to VMware

Ahhh NSX-t… the next generation of VMwares Software Defined Networking stack – now replacing NSX-v. Pulling your hair out getting it to work? Me (and 2 others i know) too……

Outlook Mobile / Apple Mobile Mail & Shared Mailboxes

Exchange Logo

I recently got escalated an issue around a shared mailbox failing to send from a mobile client only. From OWA and Outlook it was fine. Bring an activesync device into the mix and it just failed. In the end, and the full errors are below, it turned out to be that the “Linked Master Account” …

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VMware vCenter Appliance (VCSA) + GRUB_

I recently shutdown our VCSA to complete some maintenance to the host it was on. Booted the host, Booted the VCSA and was greeted with the sight no sysadmin wants to see: GRUB _No shell, no menu, nuffin! In all linux, it means that the the boot flag is set on the drive, but it …

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Exchange 2019 + Office Online Server 2016

Exchange Logo

In the age of M365 and Google Apps, not many people still run on prem servers – but we do. Recently we upgraded to Exchange 2019 on prem with Office Online 2016 for document preview in Outlook on the Web (eg, OWA. I’m just going to call it OWA because lets face it, it will …

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SAMBA Time Machine Backups

Apple Time Machine Logo

They all wanted to compile and use netatalk (usually from source). I hate doing this. It is a PITA to update, manage with repos, dependencies break…. It’s just, work. Surely this has to be able to be done in SAMBA natively, just like QNAP did