Welcome to Bronte!


The Attic Network has moved again, having such a minimal site at the moment has made it quite easy! We have now moved to a new VPS in the Cloud (don’t you just love it *makes gaging noises*) Hopefully no one would have noticed the move – we tried to keep it as smooth as possible.

The main advantage of the move is to avoid running the sites off my home ADSL connection, it can get a bit crowded down the line when its peak times.

I haven’t written much lately, i have been working on a new project that we are looking forward to releasing in the next month or so (hopefully on the 01/06/2011) but we will see.
We are keeping what it is under wraps until then 😉

Welcome to the new server Bronte which will be running all of our websites from here forward! Hazzah!

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