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Windows Unattend file notes

So, I sat down recently to update our auto install files for server 2012 R2 I got an error like the below for one module : [notice] “Windows feature is enabled but one or more of its dependencies have not been enabled in the answer file” [/notice] After pulling my hair out for a couple of …

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HTTP and HTTPS with f5 GSLB

This morning I came across a issue many before have come across: GSLB with HTTP and HTTPS For those not familiar, GSLB is Global Server Load Balancing. We use f5 devices at work because they seem to be flexible and bulletproof. We have yet to come across something we can not get them to handle! …

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Replacing all disks in an Equallogic PS series SAN

I recently ran into a situation where i was maxing out the disk IO in a PS6000 SAN with 16 1TB SATA disks. Rather than replace the whole SAN, i wanted to just replace the disks since i wasn’t maxing the network links. I got a quote from Dell for some SAS disks: *whistles* I …

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Power DNS returning NXDOMAIN for non-authoritive domains

I came across a weird one this morning while doing a check of our DNS name servers When i did a lookup for against our authoritive name servers, they were returning NXDOMAIN – this is not what it should be returning (should be returning SERVFAIL or REFUSED)! These servers are neither authorised for …

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Cisco Terminal Server quick start

Recently i was playing with a Cisco AS2511-RJ which is a 16 port console server to connect to the console port of other devices. Whilst playing with it, i just wanted a quick guide to the commands to use but struggled to find one… A good config example that i liked was here: In …

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