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Cisco ASR 1001 Memory

We recently got 2 new ASR 1001s at work to complement 2 we already had. Stupid me but specified 4GB RAM on the order not 8GB that we needed 🙁 The size of the full BGP table now means that 4GB is starting to get to be a bit of a tight squeeze on 4GB …

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Qualys A+ Rating with Zimbra

Over the last few months there has been multiple exploits in various SSL libraries, to the point where pretty much every site on the internet has had to tweak something. I recently embarked on making sure my company were Qualys SSL test A+ Rated ( to all internal and external sites. I’m slowly getting there, …

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Asterix, JunOS and NAT

I recently needed to work from home, and I brought home one of my desk phones (A Cisco 7940G)   It connected to the PABX fine with NAT mode and worked for all of 60 seconds before it went unreachable to the PABX Now, I’ve fixed this before thanks to help from KungfuMonkeySlayer (   …

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Windows Unattend file notes

So, I sat down recently to update our auto install files for server 2012 R2 I got an error like the below for one module : [notice] “Windows feature is enabled but one or more of its dependencies have not been enabled in the answer file” [/notice] After pulling my hair out for a couple of …

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HTTP and HTTPS with f5 GSLB

This morning I came across a issue many before have come across: GSLB with HTTP and HTTPS For those not familiar, GSLB is Global Server Load Balancing. We use f5 devices at work because they seem to be flexible and bulletproof. We have yet to come across something we can not get them to handle! …

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