pmacct CentOS 6 with flow-fanout

Sigh, I swear I find all the weird edge cases with every product I touch, hence this blog. The latest being pmacct on CentOS 6 with a flow-fanout

The latest relates to those shiny new ASRs I mentioned earlier and netflow.

So we use Netflow on our border routers to account traffic leaving the network and let people have free traffic within the DC.

We have a few netflow boxes (stats, analytics and accounting) so to spare the load on the routers we use flow-fanout.

In our network ig goes something like this on the routers -> Fanout eth1 -> eth2 -> Various boxes, one of which is pmacct

Becuase of the way we use pmacct, it needs the SNMP interface index, so we pass the address to pmacct

Now this is all well and good on CentOS 5, but were trying to upgrade from that, and when I spun it up on Cent OS 6, i couldn’t get it to work for the life of me. I thought it was ESXi (all our netflow is on one box to save moving data around the network 4 times)

I’ll spare you the long story but its to do with the network stack on CentOS 6, even with the interface in promiscious mode, its rp_filter.

rp filter is responsible for a reverse path check. Because the flow-fanout box rewrite part of the packet header, it looks like a spoofed packet and although you can see the traffic on the interface, it doesn’t make it to pmacct.

The fix is to put it into a nice mode with:

echo 2 >  /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/rp_filter

And viola! Netflow data, sweet sweet netflow data

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