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Cisco ASR 1001 Memory

We recently got 2 new ASR 1001s at work to complement 2 we already had. Stupid me but specified 4GB RAM on the order not 8GB that we needed 🙁 The size of the full BGP table now means that 4GB is starting to get to be a bit of a tight squeeze on 4GB …

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Cisco Terminal Server quick start

Recently i was playing with a Cisco AS2511-RJ which is a 16 port console server to connect to the console port of other devices. Whilst playing with it, i just wanted a quick guide to the commands to use but struggled to find one… A good config example that i liked was here: http://ntlogic.net/2012/05/21/cisco-access-server-as2511-rj-config-and-connections/ In …

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