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Power DNS returning NXDOMAIN for non-authoritive domains

I came across a weird one this morning while doing a check of our DNS name servers When i did a lookup for against our authoritive name servers, they were returning NXDOMAIN – this is not what it should be returning (should be returning SERVFAIL or REFUSED)! These servers are neither authorised for …

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Cisco Terminal Server quick start

Recently i was playing with a Cisco AS2511-RJ which is a 16 port console server to connect to the console port of other devices. Whilst playing with it, i just wanted a quick guide to the commands to use but struggled to find one… A good config example that i liked was here: In …

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VMware domain controller issues

Recently I setup a couple of VMware clusters, as you may have guessed, and joined them to our company AD servers. I followed this blog here:    (thanks Gabe!) as it did a really good job of simplifying what needed to be done. Upon going through it all, i was greeted with a error from …

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Migrating from Onapp to VMware

At work we have been using Onapp for almost a year now, and we have had a pretty bad run with it, possibly due to how we were using it. The good points A fantastic GUI A simple user panel Fantastic technical support at levels 1 and 2 But, we also had a few bad: …

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Click Frenzy Fail

It was supposed to be the shopping spree that stopped the nation – marketed as “The sale that stops the nation”   Instead, someone underspeced the hardware and caused epic fail across the internet as the site crashed 2 minutes after launch. We (as in the company i work for) weren’t involved at all, but …

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