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SAMBA Time Machine Backups

Apple Time Machine Logo

They all wanted to compile and use netatalk (usually from source). I hate doing this. It is a PITA to update, manage with repos, dependencies break…. It’s just, work. Surely this has to be able to be done in SAMBA natively, just like QNAP did

Sonicwall + Opengear – Console Cable

Opengear Logo

Opengear console servers are considered one of the best options out there. Delivering a reliable Out of Band solution however you need it. But what happens when you try and connect Opengear and Sonicwall – easy, right? Wrong.

Bulk editing Observium ports

I was introduced to Observium a couple of years ago, and it is a fantastic tool for network monitoring – specifically the actual network (Switches / Routers / Firewalls / etc). I haven’t shut up about it since. It has forked out a few times now (software like LibreNMS) which at some point i should …

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Supermicro motherboard throwing an F2 error

Couple of weeks ago I had some spare time and was going through the pile of hardware at work that needed to be looked through. Were a fairly large Supermicro shop and usually have fixes for every error, but this is one I hadn’t seen before. The system would boot, but got stuck on “System …

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I Wish This Ran JUNOS …. Stickers!!

JUNOS Stickers

Those who have been using JUNOS just as long as me (or longer) would probably remember for a while Juniper provided stickers that said “I Wish This Ran JUNOS”. I saw them years and years ago and always wanted to get my hands on some. I tried (and hoped) for a very long time I …

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