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Setting up OpenNMS – Part I

So, as i said almost a year a go (wow time flies) i have been dealing with OpenNMS a lot in my new job We run a few of these servers for various things, but i have to setup a new one, and thought i would actually write as i go. These articles will focus …

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The Oatmeal vs. Funnyjunk – Part 2

So, i posted last week about The Oatmeal and Funnyjunk going at each other. I was hungry for more as it seems that the western front has been al quiet Here is why: In a nutshell: Game. Set. Match to The Oatmeal. One user comment on the site says the following: “Amazing! This is …

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The Oatmeal vs. Funnyjunk

Part of my morning catch up when i get into the office is coffee, emails, tickets then some other sites i love. Today, facebook showed a new comic of one of my favourites, The Oatmeal, so i tried to view it, but the site was down – which was odd. A little digging turned up …

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Firefox releases

Firefox Major Version Release Graph

So, i have been a pretty long time user of Firefox. I think i started using it around version 2, maybe version 3 – I don’t exactly remember I tried Chrome, but wasn’t a huge fan, i don’t like change, so I’ve stuck with Firefox over the years just because I’m used to it. One …

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APC power rails – Power data

A few weeks ago i was given an interesting task to play with: Get the power data from all of our APC power rails and graph it. I thought: Ok, this should be a fun little project! And it was fun. In brief – the rails have SNMP, and a OID that gives you the …

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