Click Frenzy Fail

It was supposed to be the shopping spree that stopped the nation – marketed as “The sale that stops the nation”


Instead, someone underspeced the hardware and caused epic fail across the internet as the site crashed 2 minutes after launch. We (as in the company i work for) weren’t involved at all, but we all sat around having a good giggle.

It will be interesting to see how this develops over the next few days, but the fail, will echo for a lifetime. The humiliation won’t wash off and the brand image, shot to hell.

I was watching twitter while it happened, and below are some of the funnies i saw from what it happened. These are posted as they were with full credit to original author (google to find them)

  • It’s the nation that stopped a sale.
  • #clickfrenzy should get their servers to start throwing up 417 HTTP errors…look it up if you don’t know it…
  • Has anyone tried turning it off and back on again? #clickfrenzy” <genius>
  • Google doesn’t crash when billions do a search at the same time #clickfrenzy
  • “Bandwidth …. What the feck is bandwidth??” current conversation by #ClickFrenzy organisers #ClickFail
  • Been waiting ALL DAY to see these servers fail – thanks for not disappointing me #clickfrenzy #clickfail
  • So uh.. Qantas’ website is up. You could totally just spend all your #clickfrenzy budget on flights. Do it. I dare you. FRENZICALLY CLICK
  • #ClickFrenzy. Not so much running in the cloud, more like drowning in a puddle.
  • #clickfrenzy couldn’t have failed more if they were a joint venture between Tiger Airways and Vodafone. #clickfail
  • New saying… website failed due to too much traffic? It did a frenzy ;0
  • Don’t tell me that Click Frenzy was also waiting til 7pm to bag a cheap server?
  • 30% off all 502 Bad Gateway at Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
  • We sell books on load balancing servers and websites. They may be useful today. … #clickfrenzy #tryingtobehelpful
  • Love it. “@<REDACTED>: When I was a teenager a “click frenzy” was desperately trying to close browsers when your mum walked in the room..”
  • Oh wow look at all those bargains on Click Frenzy! Said no one because it crashed instantly.
  • Quick tip Click Frenzy, buy a server, they’re on sale right now.
  • DDoS: Distributed Denial of Shopping #clickfrenzy
  • “Your clicks have been placed in a queue, and will be answered by the next available Apache worker thread…” #clickfrenzy
  • HTTP ERROR:504 doesn’t have quite the same ring to it #clickfrenzy
  • I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren where I was during the great #clickfrenzy crash of 2012.
  • #clickfrenzy is down whilst its employees update their CV’s to remove mention of #clickfrenzy
  • Can someone buy another Raspberry Pi for #clickfrenzy’s server farm
  • Powered by UltraServe Built on Magento Developed by fontis #clickfrenzy
  • Remember friends don’t let friends build ecommerce on #magneto #clickfrenzy
  • #clickfrenzy The servers are not strong with this one
  • click frenzy dot com dot au f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 Dear Mr Alan Jones, I write to you today to complain about the online communist retail scam…
  • Yeah but at least on Boxing Day you can get through the bloody front door #clickfrenzy
  • Server: Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) #clickfrenzy (So, #Magento on Apache. Yikes. Anyone know what “X-Cache-Info: cached” is likely to be?)
  • Why blame Anonymous, when you can take down your own website #ClickFrenzy

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