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So, i have been a pretty long time user of Firefox. I think i started using it around version 2, maybe version 3 – I don’t exactly remember

I tried Chrome, but wasn’t a huge fan, i don’t like change, so I’ve stuck with Firefox over the years just because I’m used to it.

One thing that happened last year was a change to the release cycles, which was good. Just sees more major releases really.

Anyway, one of the guys i work with, Shaun, we were joking around late last year about how they are releasing more and more major versions, and thought it was quite funny skipping out on minor numbers. Good idea now, but we will probably see Firefox 20 in the next year or so if it keeps up. We joked about making a graph of the releases just for fun, but we were too busy and never got around to it.

Fast forward 6 months or so and when i walked into the office this morning, put the coffee on and fired up my computers, i got a nice little message that i could download Firefox 13 and it reminded me of the graph. So i spent my lunch hour making the graph which looks something like so:

Firefox Major Version Release Graph

So there you have it, that’s the major releases from version 0 to now. The back tracks are when a minor release was added to a backdated version.

Source of data: Wikipedia Firefox page (because i was too lazy to sift through the release pages from the Firefox site that were intertwined with their other products)

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