Serial Port

For those of you that are fans of Furturama, you may remember the scene from “Beast with a billion backs” where Bender is poured a glass of port when he is in the underground secret room of the League of Robots Massive nerds would have noticed that the bottle was named “Serial Port” with a …

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Life as an Oncall SA

Doing oncall SA work has its moments but can be dull. I have learnt the following so far: The night sky is always clearest at around 3am FSCK’s always need to be forced at around 2am Security at the datacenter will always make your life harder Clients will only notice outages (despite monitoring alerts) around …

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OpenNMS Update

Hey all, As i mentioned, i was going to add more info on OpenNMS This has been slightly halted due to a bug that has been found in OpenNMS that prevents OpenNMS detecting services on nodes 🙁 They are aware of it, but i can’t really move forward until this is fixed. So when its …

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Thoughts on Paywave


So Paywave came out some time ago and i had it on my credit card, but i didn’t really use  it, rather favouring the old sign method. I eventually came around to it and it was pretty cool. Got me out of places a lot of quicker and depsite the press around it, it is …

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Setting up OpenNMS – Part I

So, as i said almost a year a go (wow time flies) i have been dealing with OpenNMS a lot in my new job We run a few of these servers for various things, but i have to setup a new one, and thought i would actually write as i go. These articles will focus …

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