Welcome to Malibu!

So, in the last post, i was playing around with wordpress, seeting if it would do what I wanted…..

Well, it could, so, now its been moved to my live web server (Malibu) from the test server (Newport) yahy!

So, im slowly learning my way around blogging, always known the theory, never really needed to bother with it, but hey, what the heck!

As for those wondering about the server names, i love the beach, hate swimming at the beach, but love being there (what, im weird, leave me alone). All my servers are named after beaches that i like or have visited. I have tagged the northen beaches of Sydney i like below on the map. Thats where most device names are from, obviously not Malibu but…..

As for the move of wordpress, only took about 10 minutes, pretty straight forward really, export database, import database, move files and secure. Pretty straight forward really…

So, second post, still boring, will post some more interesting things one day 😛 One thing i do want to whinge about, what the hell is with this weather? Its Summer officially now, and still rain all week? Can we have some sun? please??

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